Friendships That Last
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Good friends can bring happiness to one's life. But friendships don't just happen. They have to be built and nurtured.
     What makes a good friend? Here are some tips that would help in building healthy friendships.

Be honest

Be yourself. Open up and tell your friends how you feel. When your friends know your feelings they will understand you better. You may think that if you allow your friends to see your weaknesses, they will not like you. But it may not be true. You may be surprised to find friends who are willing to help you overcome your weaknesses.

Be caring

It is the little acts of caring that keep a friendship going. Do you remember when you last called your friend to wish him/her "Happy Birthday" ? Do you recall the last time you sent a card to wish your friend good luck? If you do not, then it's time you picked up a card and send it right away. This small acts of yours will strengthen your friendship.

Allow friends to be themselves

When you are close to your friends, you begin to appreciate their strengths and notice their weaknesses. For example, you admire a friend who likes to do charity work. At the same time you notice that he/she is a "slowcoach". (Taktahu slowcoach tu ape? Cari kat google translate :'P)

     Don't forget, you too have your own strengths and weaknesses. So, you should accept your friends as themselves.

Don't keep score

As friends, do not count the number of times you do things for each other. You lend a hand because you really want to help. It is always better to give than to receive. A friend is a present that you give yourself.

Please appreciate your friends. Assalamualaikum.

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